Keto Meringues: What are they made of?

What are meringues?

Meringues are a French/Swiss invention considered a true culinary delight. Our Sweetwell meringues are a keto, artisanal version of the original recipe made of egg whites and butter but sweetened with next-generation Stevia. You can eat these delightful bites guilt-free as they contain no sugar, no preservatives and are perfect for a low-carb diet.

What are your meringues made of?

Our meringues are made of natural, premium ingredients such as juicy, hydroponic strawberries farmed in the slopes of the Poas Volcano, fresh-brewed Costa Rican coffee, hand-squeezed Upala lemons and 100% real cocoa. Our products are Non GMO, sugar-free and starch-free and we use no artificial flavors or additives whatsoever.

What's the best way to enjoy a Sweetwell meringue?

Although you may enjoy our meringues in any way you like best, we recommend that let meringues melt in your mouth gradually, releasing their full flavor. Sometimes our consumers throw them in a cupcake, or just eat them one by one! Chewing or biting a meringue won't give you the burst of flavor or the savory experience that is intended.

What can you expect when tasting a Sweetwell meringue?

Sweetwell meringues can give you a kick of flavor! Meringues are a complex product because depending on your palate, they may feel chewy, or chalky, or too sweet, it all depends on your personal experience.When you eat one of our meringue bites you can experience a rich, intense flavor and a dense texture. 

The color of our meringues can vary. You may see some darker spots but there's nothing to worry about! These are just seeds blended into the mix, as we make our products using real fruit. 

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Our four Sweetwell meringue flavors: strawberry, lemon-lime, coffee and chocolate have had stellar reviews online. Support us by sharing your honest experience with other customers on Amazon!

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