The Sweetwell Lifestyle Affiliate Program

Do you live a keto or low carb lifestyle? Are you passionate about helping others live their best life and succeed on their weight management journey? 
How about getting paid for it?

Join our Affiliate Program

If you’ve got a platform like a blog or website, an email list or a large following on social you can impact your audiences’ lives positively by promoting Sweetwell, the healthy, low-carb/keto-friendly snacks you know and love.


How does it work?
With our Affiliate program you earn money whenever someone purchases any of our products through a banner on your website or by clicking on your own personalized affiliate link. We work with one of the most reputable and experienced affiliate platforms in the market.

Our surprisingly delicious snacks are amazing products with a high conversion rate…but that’s no surprise! With just 1 net carb and 0 grams of sugar you can be sure anyone following a low carb lifestyle would love to try our surprisingly delicious snacks.

What are the benefits?


15% Commission on Sales

60 Day Tracking Gap

High Converting Product


Who can sign up for your Affiliate Program?
Anyone! From nutritionists, dieticians and keto enthusiasts to influencers and healthy lifestyle bloggers. If you’re an athlete, a personal trainer or a health-related professional, this is the perfect opportunity to provide a product recommendation you can stand behind while earning significant affiliate revenue.

You’re an influencer


You’re not about “getting followers”. You’ve built a community of like-minded people who connect with you for the valuable content you consistently post. You share the best you’ve got to give: your passion for living a healthy life to the fullest. You’re all for looking good and in shape because on the inside your mind and spirit feel even better than you look.

You’re a nutritionist

For you, a patient’s goals are your own. You celebrate their journey and their successes the same way you stand by them through their setbacks. You know the secret lies in helping others learn how to nurture their bodies with good, wholesome food that fits into people’s life’s realistically. You get to change peoples’ lives for good.

A Keto/Low Carb Evangelist

You’ve been through every diet out there: miracle detoxes, magic pills -you name it. Then a friend of a friend introduced you to a low carb/keto lifestyle and through lots of reading, asking questions, making mistakes -and starting all over again- you’re finally seeing progress. Real, sustainable progress. This is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle you want to tell the world about it.


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